AW6 Preview: Brenda Wood

Exhibition Countdown: 1 day to go! This is the final preview post for  Australia Wide Six.  Brenda Wood of Scarborough, Queensland has two works in the exhibition. Brenda’s work often reflects her love of the water and in her 15 years since becoming a textile artist she has been able to explore a multitude of… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Alison Withers

Exhibition countdown: 2 days to go! Alison Withers of Warrnambool, Victoria has two works in the  Australia Wide Six.  This is Remember the River. For years Alison has looked to the landscape in her part of the world as a means of enriching her life – it gives her an enormous sense of peace and reaffirms… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Deborah Weir

Exhibition Countdown: 3 days to go! Today’s featured work from the  Australia Wide Six exhibition is Pond Algae by Deborah Weir of Palos Verdes, California, USA. Deborah is a mixed media artist and curator who primarily uses textiles in her work. Though contemporary in every sense, the work references traditional “women’s work,” slowly built up,… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Margaret Wallace

Exhibition Countdown: 4 days to go! Today’s work from  Australia Wide Six is Evans Hill Tathra 18:03:18 byMargaret Wallace of Bega, NSW.  A two week course in freehand machine embroidery at USQ, Toowoomba, in 2001 with the renowned Ken Smith, was the “light bulb” moment for Margaret, and she was “hooked”. AW6 Preview is a series… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Carolyn Sullivan

Exhibition countdown: 5 days to go! Today ‘s preview from the  Australia Wide Six exhibition is In the Gorge 1 by Carolyn Sullivan. Carolyn lives near Bundanoon, a rural township two hours out of Sydney, on five acres of flat, plateau country surrounded by eucalypt and deciduous trees in a park like site. Its cool climate, many gardens, closeness… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Jane Stone

Exhibition Countdown: 6 days to go! Today’s preview from the Australia Wide Six  exhibition is Garden of the Everlastings 1 by Jane Stone of Como, Western Australia. Slow textile techniques, in Jane’s art practise, have become a form of meditation and an artistic language. She uses a series of drawn stitch lines, and a limited… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Brenda Gael Smith

Exhibition Countdown: one week to go! Brenda Gael Smith has two works in Australia Wide Six, both are inspired by her surroundings at Copacabana, New South Wales. Brenda creates textile paintings and sketches made from a rich palette of her hand-dyed fabrics complemented by extensive, textural stitching.  Using a process of abstraction, she captures the… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Norma Slabbert

Today’s preview from Australia Wide Six   is Tumbleweed by Norma Slabbert, a quilt maker and writer from New Zealand. Now semi-retired, Norma spends her days on all things related to quilt making: doing the stitches, reading, researching, judging, exhibiting, and writing on the subject.   Norma was the 2012 recipient of the Aotearoa Quilters Scholarship Award and… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Jill Rumble

Jill Rumble of Brookvale, NSW has two works in Australia Wide Six.  This is Telling Secrets IV which is inspired by a quote from Peter Mulvey “and the leaves were telling secrets to the wind” had me wondering. The hand stitching indicates the wind swirling at day break – maybe hearing secrets from the leaves… Read More →

AW6 Preview: Sue Reid

Today’s preview of the Australia Wide Six exhibition is And the Wheels go Round #2 by Sue Reid of Kyabram, Victoria. Sue has always loved colour and design and painted abstracts in oils in her early years. Sue is a mathematics teacher by profession, and this is reflected in her penchant for pattern. In 1998 Sue left… Read More →