Lois Parish-Evans, Tauranga, New Zealand

Website: www.loisparishevans.com
Facebook: Lois Parish-Evans Textile Artist
E-mail: loisparishevans@gmail.com

Stitch by stitch, my work is an exploration and my interpretation of what I ‘see’ in the natural world, from macro to landscape. The colours, shapes, lines, textures and patterns are translated from photographs into drawings, often resulting in highly stylised images, that become the basis for a thread painting or art quilt.

Masters of Camouflage by Lois Parish EvansStitch by stitch I take the line for a walk on my sewing machine; sometimes building the image through thread painting, sometimes using thread to draw an outline for hand colouring and sometimes combining stitch, raw edge applique and hand colouring.

My desire is to capture and draw attention to the extraordinary in the ordinary, or to draw attention to the extraordinary world that we so often filter out or not take the time to notice. I like to create a design and then push that design in as many directions as possible to fully explore the ‘extra ordinary-ness’ of my subject.

My work is available for purchase, for exhibitions, and for commission. I am also available to facilitate workshops in drawing with your sewing machine, hand colouring, and finding your own creative voice and self expression.

Masters of Camouflage

Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 100x40cm (H x W)
Statement: Inspired by the seahorse this art quilt seeks to capture their beauty, sense of floating and extraordinary ability to change colour to suit their environment(giving me great artistic licence!). Known as “flagships” they give us an indication of the health and quality of the watery environment that they inhabit.
Living Colour! travelling textile art exhibition (2014-2015)
Photographer: Lois Parish-Evans

Dancing Kangaroo Paws

Retail Price: AUD$950
Dimensions: 112x77cm (H x W)
Statement: This art quilt explores the sculptural qualities of the Kangaroo Paw and yet their seeming ability to dance as they sway in the breeze. This is my transitional quilt, appliqued and whole-cloth quilted in Australia then hand coloured in NZ; I couldn’t help but be influenced by the NZ greens.
World Quilt Competition 2016
Photographer: Lois Parish-Evans