Dianne Firth, Canberra, ACT

E-mail: Dianne.Firth@canberra.edu.au

From the Stash #2 by Dianne FirthStarting with traditional bed quilts several decades ago, I have moved to using the quilt medium as a vehicle to explore issues and express ideas. Many of my works are informed by my training as a landscape architect and also from my observations of the relationships and interactions between nature and people. Using a process of abstraction I like to manipulate line, colour and texture to capture an idea, highlight an issue, or evoke a visual and emotional response in the viewer.

My quilts are held in public and private collections in Australia, Europe and USA including: the National Gallery of Australia, the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the Powerhouse Museum Sydney, Museum of Australia, Canberra, University of Canberra Art Collection, Wangaratta Gallery Victoria and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

From the Stash #2

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 140 x 50cm ( 55 x 20in) (H x W)
Statement:  Over the past 40 years I have kept pieces of fabric from quilting and other sewing projects. This is one of four quilts made after revisiting my collection of fabrics.
Exhibitions: : The Encyclopaedia of Forgotten Things at Belconnen Arts Centre, July-August 2016
Photographer: Andrew Sikorski

Wheat Fields

Dianne Firth - Wheat FieldsRetail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 82 x 97cm (H x W)
Statement:  Harvest is a golden time. I was inspired by the colour, texture and patterns of fields of ripe grain.
Exhibitions: Hands All Around’ exhibition in USA
Photographer: Andrew Sikorski


Earth Bones #2

Dianne Firth - Earth Bones Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 111cm x 123cm
Statement:  ‘What giant creature might be lying under that hill?’ This was a game we played with our children on long car trips.
Exhibitions: Golden Textures’ exhibition 2015 at Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough, Victoria
Photographer: Andrew Sikorski


Sea Blue

Sea Blue by Dianne FirthRetail Price: A$3000
Dimensions: 90 x 90cm ( 35.5″ x 35.5″in) (H x W)
Statement:  Australia is an island continent surrounded by seas with many different qualities and colours. As children we are told that the sea is blue – but which blue is true sea blue?
Exhibitions: Finalist in Australian Quilt Convention 2015 Challenge ‘True Blue
Photographer: Andrew Sikorski