About Ozquilt Network Exhibitions


Ozquilt Network Inc. (OZQN) is Australia’s organisation for makers of art quilts and supporters of art quilts as a medium. Ozquilt Network Inc. was incorporated as a formal organisation in 1998 by subscribers to the Ozquilt Network Newsletter which was first published in 1991. The Ozquilt Network Newsletter has been published by OZQN since then. See About Ozquilt Network for more of the Ozquilt story.

Through a series of exhibitions for members (Australia Wide) and a series of open exhibitions (Art Quilt Australia), OZQN aims to raise the profile and status of art quilters, art quilts and art quilt making in Australia. These exhibitions aim to display work of the highest possible quality; to encourage understanding of the art quilt movement; and to promote the collection of art quilts.

ART QUILT AUSTRALIA open exhibitions

The Art Quilt Australia program is a series of biennial open exhibitions sponsored and administered by OZQN. Entry to Art Quilt Australia exhibitions is open to all Australian artists (and other artists specified in the exhibition conditions). Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to enter as long as their work can fit the general requirements: stitched, layered textile incorporating any materials and employing any techniques.

To encourage appropriate critical review, Art Quilt Australia exhibitions are held in recognised public galleries which facilitate exhibitions of the highest possible quality, and to encourage discussion and study, catalogues are produced which show all works plus an opening essay.

Art Quilt Australia exhibitions take place in various locations in Australia. The first exhibition was held in 2009, and a second took place in 2013 (the planned exhibition for 2011 was postponed owing to circumstances beyond the control of OZQN).

Timeline: Exhibitions held biennially in odd-numbered years
TO DATE: 2009; 2011 (cancelled); 2013; 2015; 2017
PROJECTED: 2019; 2021; 2023

Locations: Exhibitions held in various locations around Australia
Locations to date:

  • AQA 2009 – Canberra Craft & Design Centre, Canberra ACT
  • AQA 2013 – Canberra Craft & Design Centre, Canberra ACT
  • AQA 2015 – National Wool Museum, Geelong, VIC
  • AQA 2017 – Queen Victoria Art Gallery and Museum, Launceston, TAS and then at Yarra Ranges Museum, Lilydale, Victoria in 2108
  • AQA 2019 – National Wool Museum, Geelong from 6 September until 15 December 2019 and tour to Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Lilydale, Victoria from 8 February-16 May 2020.

AUSTRALIA WIDE members’ exhibitions

The Australia Wide exhibition program is a series of biennial members’ exhibitions arranged by OZQN. All members of OZQN are encouraged to enter. Quilts are selected by a jury panel of acknowledged experts.

Australia Wide exhibitions have three aspects:

  • A gala launch exhibition in association with an OZQN conference or seminar and supporting events
  • A touring exhibition to galleries throughout Australia for approximately 18 months
  • A permanent online exhibition of all works

The Australia Wide exhibition program is designed to:

  • Showcase the talents of our members
  • Introduce members’ quilts to a wider audience
  • Demonstrate the scope and variety of art quilt making
  • Publicise Ozquilt Network Inc.

Australia Wide exhibitions include a range of innovative works, but to suit tour requirements, all works comply with a strict dimension (40cm x 40 cm), and are of sturdy construction.

Timeline: Exhibitions launched biennially in even-numbered years

TO DATE: 2008; 2010; 2012; 2014, 2016, 2018
PROJECTED: 2020; 2022

Locations: Launch Exhibitions held in various locations around Australia

Online Gallery:

Schedule for Current Touring exhibition: Australia Wide Six