Susan Cunningham
Jan Mullen
Judy Hooworth
Anna Brown
Deborah Weir
Ruth de Vos
Dianne Firth
Alison Schwabe
Brenda Gael Smith
Margery Goodall
June Brown
Choy-Lin Williams
Lynette Weeks
Linden Lancasater
Alvena Hall
Sharron Shalekoff
Linda Balding
Yvonne Line
Alison Muir
Susan Mathews
Many Horizons by Lin Wilson
Lin Wilson
Greg Somerville
Marianne Penberthy
Kerryn Taylor
Kerryn Taylor
Louise Wells
Ronda Hazell
Ronda Hazell
Carol Sonogan
Carol Sonogan
Cathy Jack Coupland
Cathy Jack Coupland
Cindy Watkins
Cindy Watkins
Lois Parish-Evans
Lois Parish Evans

Ozquilt Network Inc is a national organisation for art quilters and those interested in art quilts. Our purpose is to raise the profile and status of art quilters, art quilts and art quilt making in Australia. Our membership includes quilters who have achieved national and international success as well as promising emerging artists.

Art Quilt Australia @ Yarra Ranges Regional Museum

Saturday 10 February 2018 to Sunday 15 April 2018

View a selection of works from ART QUILT AUSTRALIA 2017 at Yarra Ranges Regional Museum at  Castella St, Lilydale, Victoria. Open 7 days (excluding public holidays), 10am – 4pm. Admission is free.

Here are some installation photos from Yarra Ranges Regional Museum. See Art Quilt Australia 2017 for a comprehensive online gallery.

Art Quilt Australia 2017 @ Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Lilydale, Victoria
Left to right: Ruth de Vos, Marie Mitchell, Cathy Jack Coupland, Brenda Gael Smith, Paula Martin
Left to right: Susan Mathews, Ruth de Vos, Marie Mitchell, Cathy Jack Coupland, Brenda Gael Smith
Left to right: Cathy Jack Coupland, Lois Parish-Evans, Norma Slabbert, Dianne Firth, Pamela Fitzsimons
Carol Sonogan, Yvonne Line, Ruth de Vos, Cathy Jack Coupland Hanging: Jill Rumble and Marie Mitchell
Anna Brown, Jill Rumble, Sue Reid, Alison Muir, Sandra Champion
Hanging: Cherry Johnston, Jill Rumble, Jan Mullen
June BRown, Diane Mattiske, Lois Parish-Evans, Anna Brown, Jill Rumble
Cherry Johnston (hanging) Lois Parish Evans, Anna Brown, Jill Rumble, Carolyn Collins, Sue Reid, Alison Muir
Cherry Johnston (hanging), Ruth de Vos, Jill Rumble (hanging), Cathy Jack Coupland, Marie Mitchell,June Brown, Diane Mattiske
Lois-Parish Evans, Norma Slabbert, Marie Mitchell, Dianne Firth (behind), Pamela Fitzsimons, Alison Schwabe
Carol Sonogan, Yvonne Line, Jill Rumble (front) Ruth de Vos, Cathy Jack Coupland
Yvonne Line (left) Ruth de Vos (right)
Anna Brown, Glad Howard, Alison Withers, Judy Hooworth, Pat Forster
Bronwyn Hill, Sue Dennis, Louise Wells
Greg Somerville (left) and Alvena Hall
Alvena Hall, Rebecca Wolske, Lorraine Rogers
Lorraine Rogers, Alison Withers, Judy Hooworth, Pat Forster
Rebecca Wolske, Lorraine Rogers, Glad Howard, Alison Withers, Judy Hooworth, Pat Forster
Sue Dennis (left) and Louise Wells