Marie Mitchell, Perth, WA

Facebook: Marie Mitchell Artist

My subject matter reflects my values and experience; giving voice to my deepest passions and concerns. My inspiration often comes from current environmental and social justice issues. My artistic goal is to tell a credible story resulting in an empathetic, compassionate response in the viewer causing them to re-evaluate their previous perspective.

Creative expression is vital to sustaining my inner self. This has manifested in many forms over my career, but I am drawn back to fibre and textile as a medium for expressing my ideas. I find the tactile nature of fibres, fabric and stitch a constant delight; employing them in much of my work to develop and define those ideas.
While the subject matter in my work encompasses huge global issues, I keep the imagery focused on smaller, manageable topics to encourage a connection with the viewer; generating empathy and greater understanding. In a way I hope to combat the desensitization and apathy generated by the constant negative news provided by mass media. I believe that cumulative, conscious action by individuals can create profound change in our society.

My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in private collections in Australia, Canada, USA and UK.

Bridge to Extinction by Marie Mitchell

Bridge to Extinction

Retail Price: AUD$1650
Dimensions: 89 x 89cm (H x W)
Statement:  Increased logging in Queensland and New South Wales shrinks koala habitat threatening their survival. I wanted to turn the dry newspaper words into imagery that couldn’t be ignored. I reflect on the irony of providing wildlife crossings whilst fragmenting the bushland that serves as their only food source and home.
Exhibitions: World Quilt Competition 2019, AQC Challenge 2018 Borders & Bridges
Photographer: David Mitchell