Australia Wide Four

© Linda Balding

Price: Sold

Skinners Creek through Ancient Eyes
© Kassa Bird

Price: 350

Statement: Skinners Creek runs through my property and I like to imagine how Indigenous Australians would have represented the creek meandering through the white cedar forest in ancient times.

Photographer:Allan Bass

FLORA Canopy
Anna Brown

Price: NFS

FLORA Bush Blooms
Anna Brown

Price: NFS

June Brown

Price: A$450

Statement: Inspiration came from a trip across Sturt’s Stony Desert which is north-east of Innamincka in South Australia. The desert appeared to be totally made up of stones-for as far as the eye could see - brown, red , rounded stones - stone after stone!

Photographer: Cynthia Brown

© 2014 Lucy Carroll

Price: A$750

© Marjorie Coleman

Price: NFS

Photographer: Toby Batrovic

ONN Founder:
Celebrating 25 Years

© 2014 Marjorie Coleman

Price: NFS

Photographer: Toby Batrovic

ONN Founder:
Celebrating 25 Years

Eucalyptus Excerpt 3
© 2014 Ruth de Vos

Price: A$350

©2014 Cathy Jack Coupland

Price: SOLD$400

Photographer: Chris Selley

©2014 Dianne Firth

Price: SOLD A$400

Statement:Inspiration came from river worn yellow ochre stones left high and dry in a river bed.

Photographer: Andrew Sikorski

©2014 Helen Gray

Price: A$400

Statement:The rich emptiness of a small windswept, charred, fenced area at Wybalenna on Flinders Island commemorating the approximately 100 displaced Tasmanian aborigines who are buried there in unmarked graves was the inspiration for this stitched drawing.

©2014 Suzanne Gummow

Price: A$350

Statement: With the emergence of the sun, life is born. As a bearer of creation, the lotus flower holds a special place in our lives. It symbolizes not only creation, but the timeless and continual process of birth and rebirth. At night, the lotus flower sleeps. At sunrise, with the waking of the sun, the lotus flower emerges to life.

©2014 Julie Haddrick

Price: A$480

Statement: “For those who've come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share. With courage let us all combine to advance Australia fair “. Feathers once useful to the bird float at the mercy of the winds. Refugees, from dislocated pasts, flee in boats on random shifting tides, Seeking freedom like a feather in the breeze.

©2014 Alvena Hall

Price: A$450

Statement: The famous but elusive fossils, including recent finds, from the dramatic desert mountains of the Flinders Ranges and the near-by Ediacara Hills are the inspiration for the quilts. The fragility of very early sea-life, preserved on the under-side of ripple-embossed rock, contrasts with today's harsh desert landscape.

©2014 Julie Harding

Price: NFS

Statement: The night lights of Goulburn as seen from my airplane while flying back from AQC 2014.

©2014 Linden Lancaster

Price: A$400 SOLD

Statement: A Michellia tree grows in my backyard struggling against the summer heat and winter frosts. Despite this, it manages to produce large creamy flowers every year. In this piece I wanted to contrast the waxiness of these flowers against the transparency of the jug.

©2014 Susan Mathews

Price: A$475

Statement: I delight in the profusion of kangaroo paws and other native plants in my garden and this has lead to many photographs, sketches, printing blocks and an ongoing series of art quilts.

INDIA 2013
©2014 Alison Muir

Price: NFS

Statement: fabulous Indian indigo entices Australian eucalyptus.

Photographer: Andy Brown

©2014 Alison Muir

Price: A$300

Statement: : undercurrents invade the calm!

Photographer: Alison Muir

©2014 Pamela Munday

Price: A$200

Statement: Winter has come to an end. The skies are brighter, the days are longer and the snow is turning to rain.

Photographer: Graham Kruse

©2014 Alison Schwabe

Price: A$500

Statement: The cliché Australian landscape is depicted as mostly red coloured, vast and empty.

Photographer: Eduard Baldizan

©2014 Alison Schwabe

Price: A$500

Statement: The word ‘sunburnt’ is a key descriptor of much of our continent nation’s landscape.

Photographer: Eduard Baldizan

@2014 Sharron Shalekoff

Price: NFS

Statement: ‘Conflict: to come into collision, clash or be in opposition or at variance’. It’s virtually a part definition of what it means to be human. Fight or flight has always been our response to a perceived threat and there are now some fifty million people displaced on the planet.

©2014 Brenda Gael Smith

Price: A$395

Statement: I love exploring the rock pools at Copacabana. Who hasn't enjoyed the simple delight of popping a pod of Neptune's Necklace seaweed?!

©2014 Carolyn Sullivan

Price: A$350

Statement: Inspiration came from a trip across Sturt’s Stony Desert which is north-east of Innamincka in South Australia. The desert appeared to be totally made up of stones-for as far as the eye could see - brown, red , rounded stones - stone after stone!

Photographer: Cynthia Brown

©2014 Kerryn Taylor

Price: A$450 SOLD

Statement:There is a societal perception that civility between people is crumbling and that it is manifested in increased outbursts of rage. Street art has developed as a form of societal commentary. My work is an amalgam of street art style with a concern about the level of rage within our society.

©2014 Lynette Weeks

Price: A$120

Statement: Nature offers surprises with colours of brilliant green and subtle aubergine. Gumnuts together – same tree, same day. These colours are audacious and understated in tandem. With the use of digital manipulation, the colours of the large gumnuts are echoed into a cohesive arrangement on silk fabric.

©2014 Deborah Weir

Price: A$225

Statement:The gyre series focuses on the ever multiplying garbage patches in our oceans in which plastic trash swirls and entraps sea life and birds.

©2014 Judy Wilford

Price: A$1380

Statement: Tide ebbs, the sea retreats, mud patterns mirror waves, catfish rest in hidden pools, creatures emerge, all is still… The flow begins, channels fill, water floods flats and mangroves, released - catfish swim, feed, creatures of mud- submerge. Ebb and flow - the cycle returns. Full Moon- North Kimberley Coast.

©2014 Choy-Lin Williams

Price: A$240

Statement: A green quilt.

©2014 Judy Hooworth

Price: NFS

Statement: Memories of embroidered suzanis seen in the marketplaces in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

©2014 Trish Little

Price: A$450

Statement: This waterbag has travelled thousands of kilometres, and I have saved it, worn, useless, but a tactile memory of eighteen years spent in the bush, just as one might save a precious scrap of fabric.

Photographer: Kerryn Taylor

©2014 Wendy Lugg

Price: NFS

Statement: The bush most familiar to me is full of browns and greys, its quiet beauty inviting contemplation of subtle counterpoint, light and shade.

Black Water #14
©2010 Judy Hooworth

Price: NFS

Statement: … patterns of light on water… reflections… the passing of time… This quilt is part of the Black water series 2009-2012 that I made following the death of my husband. It was exhibited in Australia Wide Two in 2010.

ONN Founder:
Celebrating 25 Years

©2014 Glenys Mann

Price: NFS

Statement:My work is inspired by emotions of the environment, the world events and emotions of everyday life.

Photographer: Kerryn Taylor

ONN Founder:
Celebrating 25 Years

The featured artists are:

The selectors were Judy Hooworth, Wendy Lugg and Trish Little.

All AW4 works are 40x40cm.  Photography by the artist unless otherwise indicated.

Australia Wide Five toured to the following galleries:

  • 24 October – 19 November 2014, Gallery M Adelaide, South Australia
  • 3 – 29 January 2015, Bainz Gallery, Wangaratta, Victoria
  • 9 February – 2 March 2015, Q Space, Queanbeyan, NSW
  • 23 March – 30 April 2015, Millicent Gallery Millicent, South Australia
  • 20 May – 24 June 2015, Naracoorte Gallery, South Australia
  • 3 July – 15 August 2015, Bunbury Gallery, Bunbury, Western Australia
  • 29 August – 3 0ctober 2015, Wanneroo Gallery, Wanneroo, Western Australia
  • 17 October – 17 December 2015, Geelong National Wool Museum, Victoria in conjunction with Art Quilt Australia 2015
  • 20 January –  28 February 2016 Katherine, Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre, Northern Territory
  • 24 March – 10 April 2016, Beckworth Gallery, Ballarat as part of Fibrearts Week