AW6 Preview: Deborah Weir

Exhibition Countdown: 3 days to go!

Today’s featured work from the  Australia Wide Six exhibition is Pond Algae by Deborah Weir of Palos Verdes, California, USA. Deborah is a mixed media artist and curator who primarily uses textiles in her work. Though contemporary in every sense, the work references traditional “women’s work,” slowly built up, mostly by hand, with a needle, using gentle materials – fabric, thread, floss – in addition to more modern edgier ones such as Tyvek, metals and found objects. Her work is detailed, often with reflective surfaces and tiny, rich elements, and does not always neatly fit typical categories but includes collage, photography, painting, printing and heavily worked or embroidered surfaces as well as art quilts and weaving.

Pond Algae by Deborah Weir in Australia Wide Six

Pond Algae by Deborah Weir

AW6 Preview is a series of daily blog posts from 29 July to 31 August 2018 that will feature an artist and preview their artwork from the Ozquilt Network members’ exhibition Australia Wide Six. The exhibition will premiere at 76 Queen Street Galleries, Concord West, Sydney 31 August – 18 September 2018 and continue on tour until September 2020. Please direct any exhibition queries to

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