Lynette Weeks, Ocean Grove, Victoria


I made my first quilt top – hexagon of course – in 1980, while living in England … with no sewing machine. It wasn’t until 1995 that I learnt how to make this into a ‘proper’ quilt.

I currently focus on contemporary art quilts. Using original photos, I am able to incorporate photo manipulation techniques into my art quilts. I print and dye fabric to achieve original designs. My quilts often combine both machine and hand stitchery.

I live in Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula. I enjoy attending workshops where I can learn a variety of textile techniques, giving me an inventory which I can select from to enhance my work.

Gargantuan Gumnuts by Lynette Weeks Point Me in the Right Direction by Lynette Weeks

Gargantuan Gumnuts

Retail Price: AUD$2000
Dimensions: 85 x 117cm ( 33.5 x 46in) (H x W)
Statement: Near my house stands a striking gum tree with clusters of vibrant green gumnuts. My photo of these gumnuts and their mysterious interiors has been enhanced by elaborate, sumptuous stitching. The bulge of the centres highlights the 3D effect. Printed photo manipulations balance the impact of the dominating gumnuts.
Exhibitions: One Step Further 2015.  Victorian Quilters Showcase 2016.
Photographer: Lynette Weeks

Point me in the Right Direction

Retail Price: AUD$1400
Dimensions: 95 x 82cm (36 x 32in) (H x W)
Statement: My Indigo shapes seemed to be asking me, “Which way is the right way?” I have used the same shape, with directional variations.
Exhibitions: Pour l’Amour du Fils exhibition in Nantes, France. Entered in Indigo Variations exhibition 2015. Four Sisters travelling exhibition 2016.
Photographer: Lynette Weeks

© Lynette Weeks