Australia Wide Two

The AUSTRALIA WIDE exhibitions showcase the talents of our members and demonstrate the scope and variety of art quiltmaking in Australia. We seek to impose as few restrictions as possible so that the quilts reflect the personal experiences, styles and attitudes of the makers, so there is no theme. We define a quilt as “…a stitched, layered textile…” so that the makers may use the techniques and materials of their choice. However, because the quilts will travel to a number of venues, we specify that all should be the same size, 40cm square. Selected artists for AUSTRALIA WIDE TWO are set out below.

Home and Hearth by Geri Barr
Geri Barr #1
Moving Home by Geri Barr
Geri Barr #2
Bushwalk - Flora 3 by Anna Brown
Anna Brown
Framed by Robin Coombes
Robin Coombes
Grow by Ruth de Vos
Ruth De Vos
Colour Patch Series by Sue Dennis
Sue Dennis
Where My Heart Lies by Michele Eastwood
Michelle Eastwoood
Waiting Around by Helen Gray
Helen Gray
Bone Fragment by Kay D. Haerland
Kay Haerland
Ediacara Suite by Alvena Hall
Alvena Hall
Ribbon Rock by Alvena Hall
Alvena Hall
Black Water #14 by Judy Hooworth
Judy Hooworth
Piney Lakes III by Joan Lock
Joan Lock
Portal by Susan Mathews
Susan Mathews
Roman Legacy by Susan Mathews
Susan Mathews
Snowscape by Rasa Mauragis
Rasa Mauragis
Watermarks – Tropical by Alison Muir
Alison Muir
Lilly's Lily by Kerrie-Anne Riles
Kerrie-Anne Riles
Birds in the City by Sharron Shalekoff
Sharron Shalekoff
Tussock by Brenda Gael Smith
Brenda Gael Smith
The Backyard #2 by Annabelle Solomon
Annabelle Solomon
Storm by Jo Steele
Jo Steele #1
Royal by Jo Steele
Jo Steele #2
Wildflowers by Carolyn Sullivan
Carolyn Sullivan #1
Fungus by Carolyn Sullivan
Carolyn Sullivan #2
Opulence by Phyllis Sullivan
Phylis Sullivan
Sheltered Growth by Yvonne Voss
Yvonne Voss
Between the Cracks by Margaret Wallace
Margaret Wallace
Encroaching Tide Water by Judy Wilford
Moon Phase 2010 by Pamela Fitzsimons
Invitational #1
Pamela Fitzsimons
Bougainvillea Study #2: Imperial Delight by Margery Goodall
Invitational #2
Margery Goodall
Quiet Space by Belinda Von Mengersen
Invitational #3
Belinda Von