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POSTAL ADDRESS: Ozquilt Network Inc, PO Box 753, Wangaratta,Vic 3677

2018 Management Committee


  • Yvonne Line, NSW, President
  • VACANT, Vice President
  • Rebecca Wolske, VIC, Secretary
  • Jill Rumble, NSW, Treasurer

General Committee

  • Anna Brown, NSW
  • Linda Balding NSW
  • Carolyn Collins, NSW
  • Sue Reid, VIC
  • Alison Schwabe, Uruguay


  • Membership Secretary: Anna Brown
  • Newsletter Editor: Beth & Trevor Reid
  • AW6 Exhibition/Tour Subcommittee: Carolyn Collins (chair); Yvonne Line;  Brenda Gael Smith; Kerryn Taylor
  • Website subcommittee: Brenda Gael Smith, Choy-Lin Williams and Susan Mathews.
  • Facebook Team: Brenda Gael Smith; Carolyn Collins; Cathy Jack Coupland