Greg Somerville


…stitched to everything in the universe…

Having graduated with a degree in Ecology and Molecular Genetics in 1976, I have since become a full-time art maker. 

Textiles, drawing, painting and photography have been presented in over 40 group and solo exhibitions.

Processes I have used in my exhibition work are the ones of: quiltmaking (patchwork, quilting, applique, embroidery, trapunto), dyeing,painting and printmaking techniques (screenprint, woodblock, collagraph, digital, monoprint) leading to more sculptural forms. Whilst much of my work is textile based, I do draw upon my photographic and drawing practice.

Process is central to the themes in my work. These techniques are a good way to mesh patterns and forms into layers of meaning. 

My readings from the realms of religion, physics, biology and ecology and many years of keen observation of my local bioregion, have all contributed to an aesthetic that dwells upon underlying patterns and relationships inherent in this part of the world.

The patterns of water drops on leaves, the way lichen spreads on sandstone or the manner in which trees co-inhabit the landscape is every bit as revelatory as great texts, painting or musical composition. At the very least I aspire to the communication of delight in my work.

like-wave-emboidery-on-a-seashore-cliff-web synergy-greg-somerville-whole-quilt-web

…like wave embroidery on a seashore cliff…

Retail Price: A$3000
Dimensions: 94cm x 137cm ( 37in x 54in) (H x W)
Statement: An ink/pencil drawing digitally printed on cotton and quilted/embroidered.
Photographer: Greg Somerville


Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 105 x 88cm (41 x 34in) (H x W)
Statement: This piece began as a collaborative woodblock, printed on cotton and then quilted/embroidered by me.
Exhibitions: Art Quilt Australia 2009
Photographer: Greg Somerville