Susan Cunningham, Stawell, Victoria


  • 2015 Quilt National, Dairy Barn, Ohio, USA
  • 2014 Integrate/Separate, Ararat Regional Art gallery
  • 2014 Miniature Textiles, Wangaratta Art Gallery, Vic.
  • 2014 Art Quilt Elements 2014, Wayne Centre PA, USA
  • 2013 Art Quilt Australia, Canberra, ACT
  • 2013 Dare To Differ, Adelaide, SA
  • 2013 Golden Textures exhibition, Maryborough, Vic.
  • 2013 Quilt National, Dairy Barn, Ohio, USA

I am drawn to human made patterns and shapes and images that are found in natural settings. The passage of time and the evidence of human presence in the landscape are also an influence. Layers build up over the years and partially mask what was, and are changing what is now. People conduct activities and leave evidence as litter or landmarks or structures. Eventually these will change and slowly morph into something else, like an unhurried evolving patina. Factors such as weather, water, fire and graffiti gradually erode the original markings so that they take on a distressed appearance. Sometimes the evidence eventually disappears altogether.

Shaft#3 by Sue Cunningham
© Sue Cunningham

Shaft 3

Retail Price: AUD$ 990
Dimensions: 97 cm x 107 cm (38 in x 42in) (H x W)
Statement: Loosely based on details of an old goldmine shaft in the Ironbark forest near Stawell.  There are references to the mine shaft structure and the surrounding vegetation.  I have acknowledged the passage of time: people conduct activities and leave evidence as litter, soil disruption or landmarks.  I focussed on bringing a stark, rough simplicity to the work.
Exhibitions: Art Quilt Elements 2014, Wayne Art Centre, Pennsylvania, USA
Photographer: John Simpkin