Linda Balding, North Nowra, NSW


Linda is a Textile artist, Printmaker and Arts Educator with a Diploma of Art Education, Cert Gifted Ed Primary. After completing her training at A M CAE, (now the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts) she won a scholarship to study Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest Hungary. Returning to Australia she began teaching art in secondary schools while continuing her own art practice. She worked for 12 years as an Education Officer with The Bundanon Trust, artist Arthur Boyd’s property gifted to the nation in 1993.

Her works are semi-abstract and often focus on subtle colours and patterns in the natural surroundings and the micro environment. She paints and prints on silk and other fabrics and uses stitch and collage to interpret these patterns and explore the colours of the bush, sometimes focusing on close up detail. She also uses natural dyes made from fungi and gum leaves.

As a textile artist and keen quilter, Linda is a member of ATASDA and TAFTA and has participated in many Fibre Forums over the years. Linda has works in the collections of Craft NSW, Bundanon Trust and Shoalhaven City Council and is a regular exhibitor in group exhibitions.

lbaldingfull.intensity-of-shadows-web The--Drought-LBalding Shadow Dance by Linda Balding Understory by Linda Balding

Intensity of Shadows

Price: AUD $250
Dimensions: 100cm x 40cm (39in x 16in) (H x W)
Statement: ‘Intensity of Shadows’ explores the subtle changes in light and colourin the rainforest. When the strong sunlight shines through the leaves some of the shadesof green are bright, but other leaves are in shadow. I screenprint my images onto fabric and then use padding and stitch to add definition and a sense of depth. This work also includes beading detail.
Exhibitions: A World of Colour Uluru/ Berry 2014
Cassandra Balding

The Hill – Drought

Price: AUD $350
Dimensions: 62 x 103 cm (24 x 40 in) (H x W)
Statement: This work is inspired by the history of Australian Wagga quilts, made of old wool army blankets and fabric squares cobbled together. The colours are those of a parched landscape and the grid structure references paddocks and fencing in farming communities hard hit by drought.
Exhibitions: Art Quilt Australia 2015
Cassandra Balding

Shadow Dance

Price: AUD $1200
Dimensions: 128 x 108 cm ( 46.5 x 42.5 in) (H x W)
Statement: Shadows are created by the interactions of an object and light and when the light goes the shadows are gone. I love these glimpses of pattern that are fleeting. This work was inspired by an image on the wall, when light flooding through the window created a moving, changing pattern of gum leaves. I have used sheer layers of screen printed fabrics and beading detail to capture this shadow dance.
Exhibitions: Australian Quilts in Public Places AQIPP 2015 Light and Life Exhibition Melbourne.
Cassandra Balding

Forest – Understory

Price: AUD $950
Dimensions: 118 x 110cm (H x W)
Statement: My work is inspired by the forest I live in. I wanted to capture the feeling that the bush is more intricate than it appears. I have layered images and used a grid of fabric pieces, cut out sections to look beneath,see through. Hand painted, screen printing, hand stitching.
Exhibitions: Art Quilt Australia 2015  and World Quilt Competition, Manchester USA 2016
Cassandra Balding

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