Alison Schwabe, Montevideo, Uruguay


Though temporarily living outside Australia, my abstract textile art is highly influenced by the Australian landscape. Metaphorically I see Life as a surface, on which is etched the marks left by all our experiences. All surfaces change shape as they erode over time, and our physical and mental selves are no exception as we move through the decades. This concept underlies all my contemporary patchwork quilts and small mixed media works, in designs of assembled line, colour and texture. In small works 15-40cm or large 100-225cm, I use combinations of fabrics and a variety of low tech methods to produce individually crafted works that either project drama or add a note of tranquility to a décor while absorbing harsh sounds common in interiors with shiny modern surfaces. My art has been exhibited and collected inside and outside of Australia, and I enjoy occasional teaching.

Alison-Schwabe-dreamlines-3Dreamlines #3

Retail Price: AUD$750.00
Dimensions: 40 x 60cm ( 16 x 24in) (H x W)
Statement: Australian landscape inspired.
Eduardo Baldizan



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