Rebecca Wolske, Boronia, Vic


Rebecca Wolske - Renovator's DelightI have been quilting since early 2000’s, starting as a traditional quilter, it just wasn’t for me. So I embarked on a wonderful journey of discovery and did my first landscape wall art quilt in 2011 which was accepted into AQC as a finalist! I was thrilled and knew this was what I wanted to do.

Since then I have made many more art quilts and my journey continues, I never stop learning. After joining Ozquilt Network in 2015 my style changed again with the wonderful influences of this group.

At present I am on a journey of Old things, attracted to Rust, rotting, disintegrating objects. My Renovator’s Delight art is one of these pieces with many techniques used to create that old run down look.

Renovator’s Delight

Retail Price: AUD$800
Dimensions: 100x40cm (H x W)
Statement:  Once new now old, reflections in the windows, peeling and cracking paint, wood slowly rotting and splitting. A Renovator’s Delight?
Exhibition: BUDA 2016 Contempory Textiles Exhibition
Photographer: Rebecca Wolske