About Ozquilt Network

Statement of Purposes

To raise the profile and status of art quilters, art quilts and art quilt making in Australia.
  1. To encourage patronage of the art quilt movement and to promote the collection of art quilts.
  2. To encourage exhibitions of the highest possible quality. To encourage appropriate critical review and the production of catalogues documenting such exhibitions.
  3. To publish a newsletter and utilize electronic media such as website and social media outlets for the exchange of information and opinions between members and others.
  4. To encourage research and critique on art quilts and art quilt making in Australia, recognize its historical origins, and collect and promote this information where appropriate for members and others.
  5. To encourage the development of professional art practice among members.
  6. To maintain a bibliography as a reference for members and others.

Download Ozquilt Network Inc Constitution (PDF)

The Ozquilt Story

Ozquilt Network Incorporated is a national Australian organisation dedicated to art quilts and art quilters in Australia. Through membership, we support Australian art quilters nationally and internationally. Our artist members include Australian quilters who have achieved national and international success as well as promising emerging artists.  Our members also include supporters of art quilts and others with an interest in art quilt making as a medium for art expression.


In 1991 twenty one people with an interest in contemporary art quiltmaking attended a workshop in Sydney. Everyone enjoyed the daily discussions and wanted them to continue. But how, when participants lived as far apart as Perth and Sydney, on different sides of the continent?

One participant, Barbara Macey volunteered to co-ordinate correspondence into a newsletter. The first newsletter went out to twenty people in September 1991.  Read more in ONN – Beginnings & An Anniversary!


For seven years Ozquilt Network Newsletter continued to attract subscribers, and then people began to voice the opinion that an organisation serving the specialised needs of art quilters was needed. This eventuated on 30 November 1998, when the newsletter subscribers became the first members of the incorporated association known as Ozquilt Network Inc. Barbara was inaugural President, and there was a Committee of Management of eight. The Committee ‘met’ six times a year, mainly by email, with a face to face meeting for the AGM and Conference. Non-members were welcome to attend.

Download Ozquilt Network Inc Constitution (PDF)

Ozquilt Network Inc is registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria and is governed by their rules. All states have an equivalent organisation, but they all operate a little differently.  Most of our members don’t live in Victoria, and may not be familiar with the way the CAV operates, what they can offer, and what our obligations and responsibilities are. To find out more, visit www.consumer.vic.gov.au and click on Associations, Clubs and Fundraising and you will find links to information about incorporated associations.  The Model Rules are there too, but please remember that we have adapted them to our own requirements so some parts are not relevant to our situation; please refer to our Constitution as well.


Australian artists have a unique vision, and this website is dedicated to Australian art quilters, art quilts and art quiltmaking in Australia. We hope that you enjoy the work on display, and invite you to provide us with feedback by emailing: the Ozquilt Network Webmaster


Following the success of our first members’ online and travelling exhibition of small quilts, Australia Wide, we plan to now organise similar exhibitions opening in even numbered years. As well, major exhibitions open to members and Australian and New Zealand residents will be are held in odd numbered years.  See Art Quilt Australia 2017 Call for Entries that closes on 7 June 2017.


Our exhibitions coincide with conference events open to members, and anyone who is interested in art quilts, or contemporary and historic textiles.