AW6 Preview: Norma Slabbert

Today’s preview from Australia Wide Six   is Tumbleweed by Norma Slabbert, a quilt maker and writer from New Zealand. Now semi-retired, Norma spends her days on all things related to quilt making: doing the stitches, reading, researching, judging, exhibiting, and writing on the subject.   Norma was the 2012 recipient of the Aotearoa Quilters Scholarship Award and she has won many quilt awards in the past twenty five years. She is working towards her fourth solo quilt exhibition.

Learn more about Norma’s creative practice at

Tumbleweed by Norma Slabbert in Australia Wide Six

Tumbleweed by Norma Slabbert

AW6 Preview is a series of daily blog posts from 29 July to 31 August 2018 that will feature an artist and preview their artwork from the Ozquilt Network members’ exhibition Australia Wide Six. The exhibition will premiere at 76 Queen Street Galleries, Concord West, Sydney 31 August – 18 September 2018 and continue on tour until September 2020. Please direct any exhibition queries to

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