Susan Mathews, Ocean Grove, Victoria


I live on the Bellarine Peninsula and have been making quilts since 1975. A trained Secondary school Art and Craft teacher, I have been teaching quiltmaking since the early 80s and have been involved in many facets of the quiltmaking world including state and local guild and arts committees, a co-operative venture, work for magazines and artist-in-residence projects.

My exhibiting history begins in the early 80s, before the formation of patchwork and quilting groups, and thus dedicated quilt exhibitions. I have won many prizes including being the winner of the inaugural Australian National Quilting Award in 2000. I have seven solo exhibitions to my credit and currently work with two other people (June Brown and Yvonne Voss) who comprise a group known as ZigZag. Our fourth touring exhibition is now being developed . I also work with Kate Martin and Kathy Beilby to develop small exhibitions under the name Red Shoe Tourists.

My work focuses on my surroundings and the natural environment. Surface design on fabric (eg. dyeing, printing etc.) and machine techniques are my specialty. My passion for textiles is undiminished and am always looking to expand and refine my repertoire with regard to technique and use of materials.

My drawings are the basis for my textile work and play a key role in my creative practice. I have been exploring many different textile techniques for four decades now which gives me a good technical base to work from. A sense of place inspires my work with an emphasis on Australian native flora and the natural environment. Printmaking is a passion and I am continually pursuing ways to successfully integrate printed images with my own individual ways of creating stitched textiles. Colour, pattern, surface design and thread use are key elements to my art practice.

Susan-Mathews-Macropidia 21mathews Coastal Textures 4 Susan Mathews


Retail Price: AUD $3,800
Dimensions: 101.5 x 208cm ( 40x 82in)(H x W)
Statement: The “black kangaroo paw” (macropidia) is actually a cousin of the kangaroo paw. This spectacular plant is velvety black and the flowers open to reveal bright lime green insides.
I have used lino printing and silk screen printing to express my feelings about this wonderful plant.
Exhibitions: Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award exhibition 2015 Wangaratta Art Gallery
Golden Textures, Central Goldfields Regional Gallery, Maryborough 2015
Photographer:: Susan Mathews

Kangaroo Paws & Billy Buttons

Retail Price: AUD $3,250
Dimensions: 104cm x 177cm ( 41in x 69 3/4in) (H x W)
Statement: My coastal garden in summer is respelndent with kangaroo paws, billy buttons and many other Australian native plants. They delight me with their many varied forms, colours and textures leading to many sketches and photographs and an ongoing series of art quilts.
Exhibitions: Selected for inclusion in “Australian Quilts, extraordinary quilts from the Great Southern Land” at the 20th European Carrefour du Patchwrok, France 2014. Curated by Brenda Gael Smith
Photographer: Susan Mathews

Coastal Textures 4

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 40cm x 48cm (16in x 19in) (H x W)
Statement: The last in a series of quilts focusing on the coastal banksia .Patterns inspired by the banksia and printed from lino blocks form the background of this piece while some spirited banksia cones are appliqued on top.
Photographer: Susan Mathews

Coastal Banksia 3

Retail Price: AUD$450
Dimensions: 40 cm x 40cm (16 in x 16 in) (H x W)
Statement: orn strips of monoprinting create the background of this piece and evoke the feeling of a windswept coast. An image of the coastal banksia which is a linocut print is appliqued on top. Part of a series of quilts focusing on the coastal banksia.
Exhibitions:Selected for inclusion in Ozquilt Network’s Australia Wide 3 exhibition
Photographer: Susan Mathews

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