Neroli Henderson, St Kilda, Victoria

Facebook: Neroli Henderson: Artivist & Fine Quilter

I’m a mixed media artist with a strong textile focus. I create artworks with a mix of fabric, stitch and conventional art media. Political and social commentaries form the basis for much of my work.

My artwork has won awards both home in Australia and overseas, appearing in many juried and curated international exhibitions and is featured in both private and corporate collections internationally. I regularly author and/or am featured in magazine articles worldwide, am ex-editor of Textile Fibre Forum magazine and the group owner of the Facebook Textile Arts group which has more than 20,000 members.

In 2018 my work can be seen in many curated exhibitions including at the Hive Gallery in L.A., USA, as part of Stitch Fetish 6, travelling around the US as part of the Threads of Resistance Exhibition, in the Australasian Quilting Convention’s ‘Borders and Bridges’ themed exhibition and as part of the Tasmanian Art Quilt prize.

The World Awaits - TimesUp by Neroli Henderson

The World Awaits #TimesUp

Retail Price: AUD$3400
Dimensions: 90 x 90cm (H x W)
Statement:  Fear of, or caused by sexual assault causes confinements in lifestyle and thought. These are internalized, stitched within the model.
For the first time ever with the #TimesUp movement women are being heard and believed. The onus is now on men to change—and not on women to curtail their lifestyle.
Exhibitions: Australasian Quilting Convention’s ‘Borders and Bridges’ themed challenge.
Photographer: Neroli Henderson

Dear Mr Trump

Retail Price: AUD$1960
Dimensions: 84 x 51cm (H x W)
Statement:  We can’t move towards equality by electing a man into the highest office in the world who has openly spoken about objectifying and mistreating women. It sends a message to males everywhere that this is acceptable. Stitched into the background: ‘Nice Girls Don’t’, ‘Eat Your Words’, ‘Trust Me’ and ‘Think.”
Exhibitions: Threads of Resistance
Photographer: Neroli Henderson

Soul Scars

Soul Scars Neroli HendersonRetail Price: AUD$2600
Dimensions: 65 x 96cm (H x W)
Statement: Women often encounter phrases aimed at their gender. Seemingly innocuous or cruel and vulgar, each leaves their mark, tainting their ego, personality and sense of self. These “women’s words” are often used by women, towards women, self-perpetrating the inherent gender disparity in our society.
Exhibitions: Stitch Fetish 6, Hive Gallery, LA
Photographer: Neroli Henderson