Carolynne Gordon, Lilyfield NSW

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Carolynne Gordon is a Writer and Liberated Quilt Maker from Sydney. Her work in television as a Producer, Director and Writer combines both editorial and visual skills with both apparent in her quilt making which she considers another storytelling medium. Her making style is intuition-driven and engages mindfulness as a form of therapy. Her visual style and artistic work is energetically engaging and soulful. She has created unique ways to use fabric and thread so it appears painterly; painting with fabric. Carolynne has been working on writing a memoir on her connection to quilt making as a healing tool.

The Red House by Carolynne Gordon

The Red House

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 90 x 90cm (H x W)
Statement:  The Red House is a liberated, abstract quilt machine pieced with cotton and linen. The imagery depicts movement, the energy of stuff going on, whether it’s in the mind, or in the home, the term ‘The Red House’ is open to interpretation. Fine match-stick-quilted and blind hemmed.
Photographer: Carolynne Gordon

At Home in the Universe

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 72 x 72cm (H x W)
Statement: At Home In The Universe is a swirl of thread and fabric offcuts, combined with machine-pieced elements as a subliminal reflection on spiritual transformation. The shooting star and moon emerged in a bush-dyeing workshop with Aboriginal women.
Awards: Judges Choice (Kathy Doughty) and Judges’ Commendation Art Quilt Category, Sydney Quilt Show 2019
Photographer: Carolynne Gordon

Mender Bender by Carolynne Gordon

Mender Bender

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 73 x 73cm (H x W)
Statement:  Mender Bender reflects the spirit of resourcefulness required to sustain a life of self-sufficiency; repairing with stitching. It’s an interpretation of a traditional log cabin quilt pattern, made from offcuts of previous quilts and was made for the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize 2018.
Exhibitions:The Meroogal Womens Art Prize 2018 , Sydney Living Museums
Photographer: Carolynne Gordon