Linden Lancaster, Picola, Victoria


Linden Lancaster is an artist who lives on a farm, near the edge of the Barmah forest, in Northern Victoria. Her unique quilts have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and featured in various publications over the past 10 years.

Linden is inspired by emotive ideas, colour and observing the environment around her. Her past work is mainly pictorial using many different themes and techniques. She is currently refining her processes, in an attempt to make her work more loose and impressionistic in style.

Much of Linden’s fabric is hand-crafted via a variety of surface design techniques, such as dyeing, discharging, painting and printing. She often uses her own photos as a starting point. She is available for commissions and to conduct workshops.

Reed Warblers, Barmah Lake by Linden Lancaster

Reed Warblers, Barmah Lake

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 156x40cm for each panel (H x W)
Statement: Photos of reeds digitally manipulated and printed on fabric were cut up and improvisationally pieced with a myriad of other surface designed fabrics. This was the background to which the warblers and reeds were fused, then reversed appliqued and quilted. Cottons, silk organza, gold and silver foiling
Exhibitions: Solo exhibition 2017 The G.R.A.I.N store art gallery, Nathalia.
Photographer: Linden Lancaster


© Linden Lancaster