Linden Lancaster, Picola, Victoria


Linden Lancaster is an artist who lives on a farm, near the edge of the Barmah forest, in Northern Victoria. Her unique quilts have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and featured in various publications over the past 10 years.

Linden is inspired by emotive ideas, colour and observing the environment around her. Her past work is mainly pictorial using many different themes and techniques. She is currently refining her processes, in an attempt to make her work more loose and impressionistic in style.

Much of Linden’s fabric is hand-crafted via a variety of surface design techniques, such as dyeing, discharging, painting and printing. She often uses her own photos as a starting point. She is available for commissions and to conduct workshops.

Dorothy's Quinces by Linden Lancaster     Linden-Lancaster-Under-Jacaranda    Linden-Lancaster-Bath-Time

Linden-Lancaster-MalleeDorothy’s Quinces

Retail Price: NFS
Dimensions: 82 x 62cm (32 x 24in) (H x W)
Statement: These lovely old fashioned fruits grow in my mother-in-law’s country garden. I used hundreds of hand cut tiny pieces of fabric to describe the shape and tone of the fruit. Each one stuck on individually- I think I should get a life!
Exhibitions: Nathalia Art Windows 2013, Dare to Differ exhibition 2015 SA, Meeting the Challenge Interpretations in Textiles Waimakariri, NZ
Awards: Nathalia Art Windows Best 3D and Other.
Photographer: Linden Lancaster

Under the Jacarandah

Retail Price: AUD$2000
Dimensions: 180 x 120cm (70 x 47in) (H x W)
Statement: The lives of the Magpies seem so carefree as they cavort in the gathering carpet of Jacaranda blooms. The summer sun filters through the feathery fronds making patterns on the grass.
Exhibitions: AQIPP Light and Light exhibition 2015, World Quilt Show 2016
Awards: Viewers Choice AQIPP exhibition 2015
Photographer:Linden Lancaster

Bath Time

Retail Price: AUD$1400
Dimensions: 130 x 97cm ( 51 x 38in) (H x W)
Statement: I admire the fortitude and ingenuity of the pioneer outback women who were called to make do and survive, often with high child mortality rates.
Exhibitions: SAQA Balancing Act exhibition USA and Victorian Quilters Showcase 2015
Awards: Runner-up best Pictorial Quilt, Victorian Quilters Showcase 2015
Photographer: Cameron Lancaster

Mallee 1

Retail Price: AUD$2350
Dimensions: 37 x 108cm (15 x 43in) (H x W)
Statement: Travelling by car to Adelaide, I realized that the Mallee has a charm of all its own; lines and patches of scrubby trees set against a big sky and endless dry fields.
Exhibitions: Dare to Differ 2015, SA
Photographer: Linden Lancaster

© Linden Lancaster