Marianne Penberthy, Geraldton, WA


I come to quilting via fibre construction, mixed media and installation. What I love about the notion of the ‘quilt’ is its potential to comfort and warm the body, mind and the emotions. The layering of materials together with the act of hand stitching gives me the opportunity to explore these ideas. I am always in search of new materials and forms of expression. While my practice moves in and out of the quilting medium, I am always interested in wrapping the landscape, family, place or histories in some form of nurturing textile media.

© Marianne Penberthy

Ferrous Solution

Price: A$1800
Dimensions: 60 x 50  x 6 cm (H x W x D)
Statement: This series of ‘core samples’ resting on found corrugated iron were constructed using discarded woollen blankets. Iron sulphate dye solution is an important component of the work. At the core, extraction, excavation, isolation, separation, relocation are all significant to the fly in fly out workers in the mining industry in Western Australia.
Exhibitions: 2013 Port Hedland Art Awards
Awards:  Best Artwork Award
Photographer:  Karl Monaghan