Jill Rumble, Brookvale, NSW

E-mail: quiltmakers@ozquiltnetwork.org.au 

Jill Rumble Secrets 1I was born in the country and moved to the city in my late teens. Country is always home and influences my creativity. I work with fibre, colour, line and stitching as my means of expression. I enjoy the learning new skills, processes and techniques to develop and create my own art pieces.

Recent works include collage and art quilts but I usually have some knitting and hand stitching on the go at any given time.  I have had success with miniature quilts in the Royal Easter Show in Sydney winning a first prize in 2016 as well as a second in 2017 and third places in years before that. Even though I have been working with fibre for quite a while, I am still excited to begin a new design.


Retail Price: AUD$440
Dimensions: 51 x 58cm (H x W)
Statement: Inspired by a quote from Peter Mulvey “and the leaves were telling secrets to the wind” had me wondering if that was possible. Screen and mono printed on cotton and silk fabrics. Machine and hand stitched.
Photographer: Jill Rumble

© Jill Rumble