Jan Mullen, North Fremantle, WA

Email: jan@janmullen.com.au
Website: www.janmullen.com.au

My artwork honours/celebrates core themes of family, history, women’s work, domesticity, handwork/fancywork, home and the need to decorate.

Of late I have been exploring Australian history, particularly the Swan River Colony, making note of historical quirks and points of interest then using these to develop works away from my norm.

I aim to develop the breadth and strength of my voice through telling creative stories related to these themes.

Whilst known as a textile artist, I was also a sculpture major and am currently reintroducing ceramics, drawing and other skills, as needed, to my practice to aid the telling of these tales.

knit one purl one #1 – my summer yarn

Price: AUD $2,000
Dimensions: 200/254cm X 35cm (H x W)
Statement: Growing up, summer was shorthand for beach, caravan, and reconnecting with summer friends in extensively explored surrounds of bush and beach.
Knit memories with that special summer yarn so people, place, and everyday things become memorialised. Not quite as mysterious as an Enid Blyton novel but just as thrilling.
Exhibitions: stitched & bound 2017
Bewley Shaylor

France’s life is OUT OF KILTER

Jan Mullen - France's life is OUT OF KILTER

Price: NFS
Dimensions: 59 x 44.2 x 9cm (H x W)
Statement: Journals from early settlers in Western Australia enable us to glimpse their tough, resourceful lives in this harsh foreign land. Writing from educated women records their hard and interesting life. Women like Frances Bussell worked as hard as the men by day, then stitching, woman’s work, waited for night.
Bewley Shaylor