Cindy Watkins, Deloraine Tasmania


Cindy Watkins lives and works as a textile artist in the Central Highlands of the Great Western Tiers in Northern Tasmania. For the past 10 years she has been successfully running her own Gallery and Art studio in Deloraine. She has won many awards for her textile work. Cindy‘s  work has been published in magazines in Australia and America. Her work hangs in private collections throughout Australia and internationally. The natural world is her inspiration especially Tasmanian flora and fauna.


Cindy Watkins-TransformationRetail Price: AUD$3000

Dimensions: 113cm x 82.5cm ( H x W)
Statement: She casts away her earthly shroud to joins the butterfly in transformation.

“The butterfly is nature’s way of reminding us that there is hope in grief. When the caterpillar is no more the butterfly exists in ultimate beauty and freedom”. – Tanya Lord

Exhibitions: Blessington Quilt Challenge 2nd place
Photographer: Cindy Watkins