Alvena Hall, West Lakes, South Australia


I’ve been making textile-art from about the mid-sixties, with at least fifteen solo exhibitions, and contributions to travelling shows both here and internationally. Works are held at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Tasmania, Univeristy of SA, Denver Art Museum, Madiera International collection, and Beach Energy HQ.

Up until 2015, my interests focused on our deserts and fossil finds, but recently shifted to the glories and the plight of the Great Barrier Reef. Several trips to Townsville, Cooktown and the outer reef resulted in life-changing experiences for me, now realised in The Reef collection, including portraits the dedicated people who keep and eye on the many changes, mostly bad.

REEF: The Eyes in the Storm by Alvena Hall  Alvena Hall - Isabel Bennett  Alvena Hall-Eye on the reef-Low tide  Williams Eye on the Reef by Alvena Hall Alvena Hall- WSK-His eye on the Reef

REEF: The Eyes in the Storm

Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 119 x 59cm(H x W)
Statement: The imagery is about forces of destruction on the Great Barrier Reef: cyclones generated by Global warming, decimation of top predators by over-exploitation and breaking up of protective coral barriers. The grief-stricken eyes blong to William Saville-Kent, and to Charlie Veron, know as the Grandfather of the Reef.
Exhibitions: Solo Exhibition, Mrs Harris’ Shop Dec 2018

Isabel Bennett

Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 44x44cm(H x W)
Statement: A portrait of reef scientist ‘Issi” Bennett,with the coral Oulophylia bennettae named for he r: a much loved mentor ot afgeneration of GBR researchers. Her 1971 publication ‘The Great Barrier Reef’ completely changed public pereption of our natural wonder.
Exhibitions: Solo Exhibition, Mrs Harris’ Shop Dec 2018

Eye on the Reef

William Saville-Kent published in 1893 his beautiful ‘Great Barrier Reef of Australia’ to great acclaim. His photography and water colours had me flying off to a remote pontoon, then onto an expedition to the Ribbon Reefs. Many, many people are keeping an eye on the reef, nervously documenting its changes.

Eye on the reef: Low tide
Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 122 x 70(H x W)
Statement: Drawing on a WSK watercolour, an Old Eye watches the tide’s retreat, leaving corals exposed. But seeing through a mask, one catches little lens-views of teaming diversity under the sea. Whole cloth, applique and digital lace motifs.

William’s Eye on the Reef
Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 44 x 72 (H x W)
Statement: This is a smallish marquettte, portraying a huge tidal surge threatening a small island, and rolling over coral gardens already damaged. A red sea-fan becomes dislodged; bleaching is evident. As witness, the Eye represents any one of thousands of worried reef-watchers.

WSK: His eye on the Reef
Retail Price: POA
Dimensions: 122 x 70(H x W)
Statement: Tides rise in the mangroves along the coast, leaving some plants isolated. Below the reef seems to be flourishing, save for some fragmented and bleaching staghorns. Kent was the first to photograph bleached corals: it’s the first image in his famous book.
Exhibitions: Golden Textures, Maryborough 2017