Beginnings and An Anniversary

Ozquilt Network Newsletter


The Ozquilt Network Newsletter (ONN) has been produced continuously since 1991, initially as a private subscription newsletter (Sept 1991 to Sept 1998: Issues 1- 29); and since then published under the umbrella of Ozquilt Network Inc.  (OZQN)  for circulation to members of OZQN (Dec 1998 onwards: Issue 30 onwards).

From its early issues, the Newsletter quickly became a valuable resource, creating and sustaining strong connections between makers in the vanguard of the development of art quilt making as a serious medium. The Newsletter supported them in their art work and their activities as teachers and exhibitors, and helped bring the medium to the attention of artists from other disciplines as well as makers of traditional quilts wanting to step outside their comfort zone. Art quilters of all ages in Australia owe a huge debt to the first editor of the subscription newsletter and to those loyal subscribers who kept the news flowing to her. All current art quilters can trace links to that subscription newsletter, its editor and its subscribers.

OZQN came into being in 1998 as a membership organisation, because of the success of the earlier Ozquilt Network subscription newsletters. OZQN has published the Newsletter since Issue 30 in 1998.  See About Ozquilt Network for more of the story.

In the beginning, issues were produced using typewriters and other devices now barely remembered, but we now take advantage of digital technology and the instant communication of the internet to create and distribute the Newsletter. Commentary plus information about activities and events of interest to members remains the core focus.

Beginning in 2015 and continuing into 2016, OZQN celebrated and recognised the 25th Anniversary of the first issue of ONN.

Art Quilt Australia 2015 took place at the National Wool Museum (NWM) at Geelong, VIC, from 23 October to 16 December 2015. Art Quilt Australia 2015 celebrated the first issue of the newsletter with a special prize:

Ozquilt Network Newsletter 25th Anniversary Award of Excellence ($3000)

  • Alvenna Hall - Ediacara SuiteWinner: Alvena Hall, Arboreus: Ediacara Suite 2015
  • Highly Commended: Frances Schifferli, Warmth
  • Highly Commended: Peggy Lyon, Contested Ground

In July 2016, the organisation celebrated with a special bumper issue 100 of the Ozquilt Network Newsletter.